Now available in a mini 'biteable' size (and price!) for your enjoyment! 


What are felted soaps?


Skin feels soft and smooth after.

Felted soap is a bar of natural soap that is wrapped in 100% wool and wet felted. Wool naturally has antibacterial properties so felted soap remains clean when allowed to dry properly after each use. The wool acts like an exfoliant which lathers as you soap up, making it a scrubby and soap in one. How convenient - eliminates the use of loofah and washcloth! The wool will shrink together with your soap thus leaving you a little scrubby in the end.


Each soap is designed and handcrafted carefully with various colours of wisps of wool, thus making it a stunning unique gift and no two soaps are alike. Our soaps are cruelty-free, vegan, formulated with pure essential oils and natural colours.. Each of our soap bar is handmade and hand-cut.


Just wet and scrub!

For those who knew us @simplyforlove will know that these little ones were the 'pisang goreng panas' at the craft fairs! 

We are only offering monsters and hearts at the moment - colours will be picked at random unless specified. 


Mini Felted Soap | 50g

S$15.00 一般價格
Scent of Soap
    ctfd winner.png

    Natural Deodorant

    Vegan + Signature scent


    Felted Soap

    6 gorgeous scents. Many colours. No one is the same.

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